The ONEDOME team came together through a shared vision – to activate positive social change and foster community connection through awe-inspiring, shared experiences that open our minds and our imaginations to the magic of existence and reality evolved.


ONEDOME is an immersive media and storytelling platform. We create and curate interactive arts and immersive entertainment that inspire curiosity, creativity, collaboration and community.


In partnership with global artists, visionaries, and innovators, we develop large-scale, permanent public mixed-reality installations and location-based entertainment campuses that entertain, educate and engage.


As a platform we facilitate connection and collaboration between artists across all genres of the immersive and interactive arts mediums. We provide operational and marketing support, production capabilities, distribution channels for content experiences, and revenue opportunities for artists.


We believe that the future of entertainment and education lie at the intersection of content, technology and the experiential layer. Our adventures range from Mixed-Reality Explorations to Immersive, Interactive and Responsive Art Galleries, and everything in-between.


ONEDOME offers experiences that invite audiences to consider a shift from the Me to the We. We all exist under one dome, a world full of possibilities and connections yet to be explored – we invite you to come play with us and experience reality evolved.


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