Onedome presents The Unreal Garden, an immersive mixed reality experience where art comes to life all around you.

Featuring the work of a visionary group of world-class artists, and created by a team of technologists, innovators and storytellers, The Unreal Garden merges multiple layers of perception to spark your imagination and engage your senses with a truly unreal experience like you’ve never had before.

Augmented reality, projection mapping, soundscapes, food and drink, and even the physical space itself all work together to immerse you in a fantastical otherworld known as The Unreal Garden.

It is a place beyond the confines of our known and expected reality. A place where you don’t just view the art, you breathe the art, play with it, even walk through it. In The Unreal Garden, the plants and flowers have evolved. The creatures have evolved. Reality itself has evolved.

We invite you to experience The Unreal Garden for yourself. Explore the winding paths lined with radiant wildflowers. Follow the meandering river stocked with luminous fish. And discover a new dimension of wonder and creativity.

Welcome to The Unreal Garden.