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Immersive Dining, Interactive Lunches & Farm Fresh Food Now Served

It’s no surprise that Onedome’s 5-course immersive dining experience, F.E.A.S.T had a warm welcome last week — embraced by yet another sold-out weekend. The fanfare is real. When The Pawn Shop, Monarch & Onedome first launched this unique offering, Bay Area natives went crazy over both food and table-top interactivity that takes place during this communal dining experience. It wasn’t just the music, projection-mapping, and menu that kept guests buzzing, but rather, it was the genuine connections made amongst friends and strangers that sparked a magical moment to be remembered.

“By infusing the dinner experience with entertainment, art, story and technology, we take fine dining to a whole new dimension. Meals are designed to the projections and vice versa, to provide you with an experience like no other.”
-Leila Amirsadeghi, CMO & Co-Founder, Onedome

Onedome also has a new lunch offering powered by their cafe and bar, Elixart. Elixart has joined hands with Raw Daddy to bring their self-acclaimed “slow-fast food” to the venue’s Urban Oasis lounge for a special one month pop-up! The Spicy Thai Cone, Mango Lime Macaroon Cheesecake, and White Chocolate Mousse with Lavender are just a few delicious infusions created and served for your midday meal palette.

To top it off, Onedome is also introducing a Rainbow community table, just in time for next month’s PRIDE festival in San Francisco.

Eating is believing. Book your tickets for a Onedome F.E.A.S.T before it goes away. For the latest on what’s happening at Onedome, follow @onedomeglobal on Instagram and sign up for our newsletter at

About Onedome
Onedome is an immersive media company. They use creativity to inspire collaboration, connection and community by creating and curating interactive arts and immersive entertainment in partnership with global artists, visionaries and innovators.

Onedome is launching a series of location-based entertainment destinations. They launched their first two installations at a 20,000 sq ft venue during the Fall of 2018– The Unreal Garden and LMNL. This location is based at 1025 Market Street in San Francisco, with 10 more locations planned over the next five years across the US.

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