Oct 18, 2018

The Sitch – Kat Gaffney

San Francisco’s Onedome is opening an augmented reality art exhibit called “The Unreal Garden’

Be prepared to enter into a true wonderland at The Unreal Garden exhibit at Onedome in San Francisco. The exhibit is set to open October 19 and will be the very first augmented reality art exhibit at Onedome. The Unreal Garden will allow visitors into an enchanted world filled with plants, animals, and digital art.

Onedome is an immersive media company and The Unreal Garden will integrate four layers of reality: the physical, the spatial, 2D/3D projection, and augmented reality. Guests will be able to interact with the art pieces and visit places like a waterfall, stream, pond, and a hobbit house. Some of the plants and animals are based on actual plants and animals found out in the wild and others were imagined and created just for The Unreal Garden.

In a press release, Onedome Chief Strategy Officer Leila Amirsadeghi said, “With The Unreal Garden, we are updating the art gallery experience for the 21st century to make it feel more open and welcoming to everyone, not just classic art aficionados…We intend to bring people closer to the magic of reality and wish to see our guests in the breathless excitement when wonder, awe, and joy collide. We hope that they will feel inspired, connected, and eager to share the experience with friends and family.”

Aside from visiting the highly unique art exhibit, guests can also check out the Tilt Brush Lounge and Elixart Cafe where they can enjoy herbal-infused snacks and mocktails – and even create some of their own virtual art.

If you’re interested in visiting, tickets are available on Onedome’s website. Let us know what you think of this immersive augmented reality art exhibit in the comments section below and be sure to subscribe to The Sitch for more art news and other entertaining reads.

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