Oct 23, 2018

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Come experience the Unreal Garden mixed reality art exhibit presented by Onedome in San Francisco until the end of November 2018.

If you love art exhibits, and want to experience the cutting edge of mixed reality/augmented reality, then plan to visit. Ages 11 and up!‬ Bring friends & family. This is a wonderful technology & art experience featuring the Microsoft Hololens called Onedome: The Unreal Garden

This scroll has been writ by Micah Blumberg

Onedome is a magical digitally enhanced art exhibit in San Francisco. I think of it as an Augmented Reality Art Exhibit. You essentially walk around as if you were seeing paintings in a regular art exhibit but the key difference is that in this exhibit you wear a Microsoft Hololens as you walk around so that you can see the various pieces of digital art overlayed upon the landscape of the show floor as you walk around. This is an extremely cool and original combination of art & technology, it is in my opinion the best use of the original Microsoft Hololens that ever was and ever will be.

The Unreal Garden

One of the artists featured in this what I would call an Augmented Reality Art Exhibit is a friend of mine at the Vision Agency, Android Jones, and I’m a brand ambassador for the Vision Agency, but I would still say the same thing about Onedome even if the situation were otherwise, because I had a great experience here. I actually got to see the exhibit twice, on two different nights, and each time it was a magical experience, an exhibit made richer, like any art exhibit, by the people you bring to experience it with you.

The Garden’s floor space is small and beautiful, its just enough space to support about 25 people walking around simultaneously, but what you get are a diverse set of digital art pieces created by globally known digital artists. I recommend that you check out the Onedome websites artist pages ahead of time so you know exactly which artists are presenting and what you are looking for. While you are in the experience you can create a ball of digital fire on your finger tip, and if you align that ball with one of the small animals on the floor, such as a frog or a rabbit, you will see information about the artist whose exhibit you are standing in front of.

I believe this experience is meant to be a slow relaxing beautiful trip into a vision of the future. If you haven’t tried the Microsoft Hololens yet this will be one of the best times to do it. I write news about technology, including AR VR headsets like the Hololens, and neither myself nor developer friends of mine had previously realized that the Hololens was capable of creating such beautiful colors, I would say they have an almost psychedelic color palette, and an experience that I believe pushes the Hololens to its absolute technical limits, we will need a Hololens 2.0 to make this experience any more beautiful than it already is.

So take your time, walk slowly, breathe, enjoy the art from every angle, try to see all of it, and most of all have fun with the people you are with. This is something to bring friends and family to, this is an art exhibit people will be talking about long after they try it.

I rate it this experience four out of four stars. It’s highly recommended by Silicon Valley Global News! Location 1025 Market St, San Francisco

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