January 10, 2019

State of the Art (Podcast)

New Museums: Examining Selfie Palaces with Leila Amirsadeghi of OneDome

Museums, galleries, exhibitions, and art venues at large are catering more and more to the rise of social media and being “insta-worthy.” In fact, in 2017, participants in a study by Culture Track said they would much rather be entertained than educated, and that the majority prefer social interactions, as opposed to quiet reflection, when attending cultural events like exhibitions. This month we speak with the minds behind some of the most noteworthy, grammable exhibitions, museums and venues. One such space is OneDome, an interactive arts & entertainment venue in San Francisco. Bay Area residents may be familiar with OneDome’s “The Unreal Garden” or “LMNL,” two of their mixed-media experiences using adaptive technology to create immersive and engaging worlds for visitors to explore.

“The Unreal Garden” uses mixed-reality to create a surreal world overrun by lush vegetation, merging physical space, sound, projection mapping, and augmented reality. To fully experience “The Unreal Garden”, visitors must wear AR headsets; however these goggles do not impede with seeing others and interacting with fellow explorers. This allows visitors to share in the experience in real time, something OneDome prides itself on as shifting the “me” to the “we”. OneDome’s family-friendly “LMNL” is their newest exhibition offering 14 rooms of digital art which respond to and transform as visitors move through the space, allowing patrons to become a part of the artwork itself.

Experiential venues like OneDome are one of several spaces bundled into the category of “selfie palaces” by the media. Today, as part of our investigation into these new venues, we speak with Leila Amirsadeghi, Chief Marketing Officer at Onedome about:

The rise of experiential venues and their place in the art world

The fine line between arts and entertainment

The audience OneDome is catering to

The role of social media

And how or why experiential venues are helping or hindering the art world

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