December 5, 2018


Onedome to Open Its Second Unique Immersive Experience, LMNL, on December 22 in San Francisco

LMNL, A Labyrinth of 14 Interactive Exhibits & Installations from Leading New Media and Visual Artists, Invites Guests of All Ages to Interact with the Pieces

After mesmerizing crowds with its first mixed reality experience, The Unreal Garden, Onedome today announced the opening date of its next immersive experience, LMNL, on Saturday, December 22. Taking its name from the phonetic spelling of LIMINAL, which is defined as the otherworldly experiences that exist between states or worlds or “the spaces between,” LMNL is designed to inspire, amaze and transform. Tickets will go on sale today to experience LMNL’s individually designed interactive installations in a 60+ minute, open flow experience for audiences of all ages.

“With The Unreal Garden, we were literally changing the art gallery experience for the 21st century and with LMNL, we are looking to change the way people explore museum installations by making them a part of the experience,” said Onedome Chief Marketing Officer Leila Amirsadeghi. “We are hoping to inspire child-like moments, group conversations and social media shared experiences through the immersive and engaging environment.”

As soon as guests descend the staircase into the transformative underworld of allure that is LMNL, it is clear this is no ordinary museum experience. With 14 interactive installations spread out over 10,000-square-feet, LMNL was created in collaboration with 11 leading new media and visual artists from around the world, as well as Onedome’s own artist collective.

“You’ll find the artwork reacts to you and allows you to interact with it — almost as if by magic,” said LNML Curator & Creative Producer, Becca Dakini. “Once inside LMNL, each visitor is on a journey of curiosity, contemplation and collaboration that pushes the evolution of technology, art and human connection.”

Sure to capture the imagination of the attendees is the “Kinetic Infinity Room,” a visually stunning LED mirrored room that appears to go on forever, while responding to movement with light and sound. The “Fluid Structures” installation allows participants to walk around walls made of digital water, appearing inside of the installation as a water version of themselves — even allowing for digital water fights with other people in the room. The “Funky Forest” is a digital forest ecosystem featuring a digital waterfall that’s path can be moved around the room with logs. Depending on where the water flows, the forest will conjure creatures from the forest and grow trees and flowers. “Prana” is a 12-foot LED sphere connecting humans to technology with one simple breath. With the viewer in the center, the sphere lights up with each inhalation, uniting the piece and the participant(s).

The full line-up of installations include:

Installation: Fluid Structures
Artist: Vincent Houze
Description: Walk around a room where the walls are made of digital water, and you appear inside of the installation as a water version of yourself – participants play with the water screens and have collaborative digital water play-fights with each other.

Installation: Prana
Artist: B-Reel
Description: A sphere comprised of thousands of LED lights that invite you to step inside – which then glow and sparkle in time with your breath!

Installation: PUSH
Artist: Dave and Gabe
Description: Touch responsive fabric installations that allow you to “play” them, creating orchestral sounds in collaboration with other participants.

Installation: Kinetic Infinity Room
Artist: Gabriel Pulecio
Description: A visually stunning LED mirrored room that appears to go on forever, which responds to your movement with light and sound.

Installations: 1. The Cube 2. Intergalactic
Artist: Storylab Interactive
The Cube – A 360 degree immersive environment that responds to your every movement – visuals change regularly between organic and digital imagery you can move around – a “human paintbrush” experience
Intergalactic – A 360 degree immersive space world where your movements propel you through galaxies and outer space.

Installation: Luminous Ocean
Artist: Sensories Lab
Description: A digital underwater world – when you approach it, all of the underwater creatures rush to meet and interact with you.

Installation: Enchanted Glade
Artist: Onedome Collective
Description: Take a seat on an elven throne in a forest setting, and watch the forest come alive as biofeedback features pick up your heartbeat and activate the environment around you.

Installation: Dimensionalization
Artist: Darel Carey
Description: Optically illusory line art room that challenges your perceptions of reality, all created with tape and paint.

Installation: Infinity Boxes
Artist: Matt Elson
Description: Peek inside a series of three infinity boxes with one or two other people to reveal optical illusions and fun reflections that appear to go on forever.

Installation: Funky Forest
Artist: Design I/O
Description: A fun digital forest ecosystem with a digital waterfall you can move around the room with logs – where your actions conjure creatures from the forest and grow trees and flowers.

Installation: Projection
Description: A refracted wonderland filled with handcrafted lanterns you can spin and move, casting beautiful shadows and multi colored projections throughout the space.

Installation: Let It Rain
Artist: Lynchini
Description: Be transported into a cabin in the woods, where you can look out the windows on to a rainy day in the forest, and lounge on leather couches whilst listening to the thunder and rain.

To kick off the opening of LMNL, Onedome will be hosting a public Grand Opening party on Friday, December 21. Tickets are on sale at for $33 (21+ only) and the party will feature leading DJs & musicians including one of the pioneers of electronic music, Adam Freeland, with support by rising stars KMLN, Brian Hartman and Migaloo.

The on-site Tilt Brush lounge and Elixart Cafe are open to the public to spend time in this extraordinary space, try some herbal-infused snacks and mocktails, and create original virtual artwork.

Located at 1025 Market St., LMNL tickets can be purchased online at Tickets will range in price from $11 for children aged 3-11 to $33 for adults, based on chosen date and time. Anyone with a valid student ID will receive special pricing of $25 and teens aged 12-18 can gain entry for $22. Combo tickets for entrance into LMNL and The Unreal Garden will be available for $55.

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Onedome is launching a series of location-based entertainment destinations, the first is a 20,000 sq. ft. space on Market Street in San Francisco opened in October 2018, with 10 more locations planned over five years across the US.

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