The Unreal Garden

The Unreal Garden

The Unreal Garden | A Mixed Reality Art Experience

A forest landscape with waterfalls, rivers, rocks, plants, trees, flora and fauna, elevating soundscapes and projections and Augmented Reality. 9 Visionary Artists exhibiting in a high-tech sculpture garden and interactive experience where you as the participant activate the content and bring the art to life around you.

For Ages 8 & Up only. Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights after 8pm Onedome is ADULTS ONLY (+18). This is AR not VR, which are two very different experiences, so please leave your expectations behind and bring an open mind to experience a new kind of reality.

Please arrive at the time of your booking and plan a total of an hour including your wait. We use Waitlist.Me to notify you of your time so that you can enjoy yourself in our venue, get a drink from Elixart or just chill. Have questions, check out our Visitor Info page.

Please select your date and time carefully as we do not provide refunds. For more info, please review our ticketing policy.